My first correction!

The Daily Mail ripped off my series, and I forgot to include some important research.

Dear friends, 

Last week was a bit of a strange one for me. In case you didn't see, my Book of the Courtesans series (which those of you with a paid subscription all so wonderfully make possible) was blatantly ripped off by the Daily Mail of all places. You can see it here if you want

As a result, I was a bit thrown and flustered for a few days, and when I put out my Book of the Courtesans Part 4 on Camille Ackison, I completely forgot to include the image I'd taken from the book itself! I even said there wasn't an image! It had slipped my mind. I'm so sorry. So I'm sharing it with you here (above), and also updating the previous post with a note on the correction, along with a special 20% off to subscribe. The coupon will be valid for one month.

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What happened last week was that a Daily Mail reporter named Harriet Johnson (or "reporter," why not put in some scare quotes) emailed to ask if she could talk about 19th century courtesans for a story they were doing. I said I was in Paris and wanted to speak on background first. She called me, and we spoke very briefly, basically with me just saying she could either pay me to consult, or I was also available to be interviewed about my project. I got suspicious when she claimed she was just going to write about "the famous ones" and then named Marthe Aguillon and Divine Aillot—two women that only I have written about. She got off the phone pretty quickly after I pointed that out.

What happened next was that I never heard from her again, and instead she simply ripped off my entire series to date, including all my selected images, plus the only other two courtesans that I mention in the posts, Méry Laurent and Cora Pearl, who have Wikipedia pages. 

I was pretty upset. Initially they only said I was "translating" existing files, that I was "California-based," and included a broken link that was supposed to go to the project. I've heard they've at least partially fixed it since then, but it was a strangely traumatizing experience. I'm trying to see it in the light of "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" or whatever that quote is, but it is hard when people are making money from your work while openly disrespecting you. I've gotten the photo department to agree to give me $500 for the use of one of my photos at least, but it's not much compensation considering what they took.

Anyway, sorry for the error last week, and thank you for your continued support! I also had a chat with my literary gents and we're going to be exploring some things that might better protect the writing I'm doing like this.



Get 20% off for 1 year